Thursday, August 20, 2015


Well it was a busy fall and spring for the kids in the Bear Don't Walk house!  Preston was an 8th Grader in the 2014-2015 school year. He played football , Tackle, and he wrestled. I don't have any pics in his singlet, he got injured which took him out for the last half of the wrestling season. He did good, we are really looking forward to this year, high school football!  Jetara did awesome in her freshman year of high school. She started cross country, she is a little gazelle she runs so fast.  She started out on JV and ended up 1/3 of the way through the season making Varsity, she went to Divisional  and State.  That is great as a freshman she was 29 out of 144 runners, if she keeps it up I hope to see her bring home a state title as an upperclassman.  So that was her first varsity letter! Good job Jet.  She then went on to play basketball, she was on the freshman team.  She is in an area where there are some awesome ballers, but she held her own with them.  So it should be JV for sophomore year.  Jetara also lettered in Band, she plays the flute!  So that was our school year! Bring on 2015-2016 school year! Go bulldogs!

Preston 8th Grade Football!

Jetara 9th grade, Cross Country!

Jet Playing Basketball!

Jetara Basketball!

Pontoon Trip 4th of July weekend!

Well the little fam bam and the inlaws went pontooning on the lake on 4th of July weekend. The day started out overcast and cold , but we ended up with an awesome day.  The fish were not biting, but we tried. What a great time, we cooked out at Black Canyon, cruised around the lake and just had family time. It would have been better of Jetara could have been home (She was at upward bound!).  Summer 2015 has been eventful!

Random Daenerys Pics!

Wow I should have almost just stared a blog with all Daenerys! LOL!  Well I can't help it I love my puppy! And people post a million pics of their kids, shes my kid!  So prepare for more pics!  I am just including some random pics to catch you up.

She loves her daddy! Snuggle bug!

Moms head is a nice resting spot!

Outside no! 

Took over moms throw from Auntie Romee!

Loves to give Momma kisses and loves.

Out face squished! So cute!

Hanging with this bitch today! LOL!

Taking a cruise!

Hugs for Momma!

This is my arm cushion!

Sun lover!

I squeeze in anywhere!

Loves momma!

Are you taking my pic??


Pet at your own risk tonight! I saw you kissing my daddy!

Snuggle bug!

Workout partner!


Hanging out with mom!

Watching Jet run!



Happy Birthday to my girl, Daenerys Lagertha Bear Don't Walk, 1 year old! WOOHOO! We had a small family party for Daenerys.  Cake and ice cream, with sloppy joes and chips for the humans! And we had a pupcake from the dog boutique for Daenerys!  She got a new leash and a new toy!  We had a good day! I am glad my husband lets me throw parties for my baby dog!  Happy Birthday Daenerys! (5/6/14)

The birthday girl! Look at that profile! So pretty!

I am ready for my closeup mom!

Her doggy party invite!

Pupcake for Daenerys!

Daenerys and chewbaccka!


The title says it all, Daenerys got skinned! Well she was a little shaggy after getting back from Prison Paws, as you can see in the pic, so I took her to get groomed, we tried a new groomer, never again,  I told her please trim well around her butt and her nose area, clip her up nicely.  What I got back at the end of the day, was a skinned puppy! OMG, she looked like a chi !  She even zipped off her whispers, man was Daenerys mad! She had to wear that little sweater until her hair grew back.  She was embarrassed to be in public, she hid under the covers and was just plain freezing all the time. Poor poor puppy!  Mommy won't take you to that mean ole groomer ever again!

Before the haircut, shaggy dog!

After the haircut, skinned! Poor baby!

She looks mad!

Please put fur on me Jet!

Sunning herself!

Oh the shame!

Mom's warm get in her shirt!

I hate this sweater mom!

Ill just nap then!

Love helps hair grow right?!

Down comforter's if you don't mind I''m cold!